Set of 8 or 16 Flat Cards



Set of 8   (two of each image)    $10.00  (1.25 per card)

Set of 16 (four of each image)   $18.00  (1.12 per card)


These 5″ x 5″ square cards are flat (and sometimes called Correspondence Cards) so they don’t open, but have a front and a back with designs on both sides (see photos) and come with white envelopes.


I’ve changed the paper they are printed on to a heavy, premium, uncoated cover which has a lovely smooth finish. It’s very similar in texture to the paper I draw on. All of my previous cards had a matte coating on them which meant that if you used a gel or fountain pen, it could smear if you didn’t let it dry. This new stock accepts those kinds of pens without the danger of messing up your writing!


The post office will charge a little more for postage since the unique shape makes it so they have to hand cancel each one rather than put it through a machine. I looked it up and it should cost .70 cents to mail a card vs. .49 cents. I adjusted the price of the cards and discounted the difference.


Printed in the USA


I order all of my cards in bulk, but once I sell out, I don’t reprint the same cards, but offer new designs instead.

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